Sunday, September 17, 2017

Salsa in Cali, Colombia

Although salsa music was not created in Cali, (they give full credit to Cuba) Calenos have embraced the music and dance with so much passion that the city is known as the "world capital of salsa." I quickly discovered why on my first night in Cali. Dozens of salsa clubs, some little hole in the walls, some full-fledged nightclubs like the legendary Tin Tin Deo, start throbbing with salsa music at about 10pm. Live musicians blast out the swirling rhythms and dancers crowd the floor. I was out of breathe just watching all the twirling, swaying and fast footwork. Colombian style salsa is much faster than conventional salsa and Calenos are noted for their dizzying lifts and fancy footwork. It's said that men in Cali can't get a date without knowing how to salsa so it is clearly an important skill. There are dance schools all over Cali to help out the less gifted dancers and I joined in a fast-paced class at  the Live Salsa & Tango dance school, which had me drenched in sweat and fun. I'm not even close to the finesse of local dancers but joining in at a club is an essential part of the Cali experience.

Check out this video of salsa dancers on a Monday night at El Habanero Club (note the Cuba flags)

Cali also hosts a live cabaret salsa show called Ensalsate, this video features musicians from the Petronio Alvarez Fest: