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A New Year And A New Cycle

The year of 2012 brought lots of  unexpected situations and dramatic events but as I learned from traditional Mayan teachings in Chichen Itza, that cycle has ended and a new cycle of more peaceful energy is arriving. I look back on my 2012 travel adventures with gratitude and anticipation for even more excitement and new explorations in 2013 and I wish the same for all of you.

Feasting On Fried Pickles

 For me, one of the joys of travel is uncovering local delicacies. Discovering new and unusual dishes supplies just as much fun as exploring new destinations. So when I visited Greenville, South Carolina for the Euphoria food and music fest, I didn't expect much food discovery since I'm very familiar with Carolina cuisine. From shrimp -n- grits, to Hoppin John and Benne wafers, I thought I'd tried it all.  Then I heard something about fried pickles. They fry everything in the South and I've heard of fried pickles but I never actually tasted one. I was immediately directed to Carolina Ale House to sample this local specialty. I'm not a huge pickle fan and don't eat a lot of fried food but I couldn't pass up the chance to taste something new. I envisioned whole dill pickles battered like hush puppies but that's not what I was served. I was presented with a plate of delicate dill pickle chips, fried into crunchy goodness. I planned to try  just