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A Fall Day in the Czech Republic

The beauty of Prague and the nearby towns of Telc and Trebic was staggering. Castles, pristine medieval architecture and monuments filled every other street. The weather was chilly and rainy but that didn't seem to affect the vistas. Golden leaves covered the cobblestones and courtyards and the rain glistened off the buildings, making them look even more fairy tale-like. It was a lot to absorb since there is so much history connected with all these sights. I walked for miles through each town and besides the beauty, I was struck by the friendliness of the Czechs. Despite a dour reputation, my experience is that Czech people are helpful and proud of their heritage. I learned a lot and I'll be taking you along as I relive my Czech journey.

Next Stop: Prague

I'm headed to the "City of 100 Spires" and I couldn't be more excited. I'll be exploring the fascinating history of Prague and surrounding towns, courtesy of Czech Tourism.  The focus will be the castles and chateaux that make the city so striking but I'll also visit  the UNESCO Heritage Site of Telc and its historic Jewish quarter, the catacombs of Jihlava  and of course, the famous Charles Bridge. I've even pulled out my dusty copy of   The Unbearable Lightness of Being , to finally start reading it in Milan Kundera's home country and inspiration.  So look out for posts on Prague literary inspirations as well as the landscape and history.

Bob Marley's Kingston House Part I

There's no person that has done more to promote Jamaica and her culture than Robert Nesta Marley. My exploration of Kingston and Port Antonio involved many standout experiences but I have to start with the island's most famous son. The Kingston house that Bob lived in during the height of his career has been transformed into a museum . It holds his recording studio, gold and platinum records,original bedroom and an eerie hologram image. Photos aren't allowed inside but there's more than enough to document outside.  The bronze statue of Bob stands atop of a painting of his "three little birds" the I-Threes backing group that consisted of Judy Mowatt, Bob's wife Rita Marley and Marcia Griffiths. On the side of the structure are paintings of significant Rastafari figures: Haile Selassie who represents God and Marcus Garvey, the Jamaica born cultural activist. Lions representing Selassie's lion of Judah flank both sides of the statue. There