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Castro's Impact From A Cuban Perspective

BBC World News: "A Cuban in London" Mario Lopez Goicoechea reflects upon and remembers Fidel Castro Part 1 from Jamsheda on Vimeo . The passing of Fidel Castro has stirred up intense emotions from every corner of the globe but I was thrilled to see my blogger friend Mario from A Cuban in London explain Castro's influence from the too rarely heard Cuban perspective on the BBC. Listen and learn.

Tranquility Wrapped In Blue

I've never seen a place that embodied its tag line more perfectly than Anguilla.  This little island is literally wrapped in impossibly blue water that melts into an equally blue sky. Just looking at these photos will decompress stress levels by 100 percent. I was lucky enough to spend three days straight on Sandy Island,  which is a little slip of sand off the coast of Anguilla. This pretty islet was the day time location for the Livin in The Sun music fest, where I soaked up the blue and listened to live DJs mix music all day. Yes, it was a very difficult situation. The tranquility and beauty just overtakes you in Anguilla. The island has a quiet allure that doesn't need hype or giant resorts. It's an under-the-radar refuge that I miss already.

Next Stop: Anguilla

It's been a rough week so I'm especially excited to head to the gorgeous British Caribbean island of Anguilla.  It would be enough just to experience the laid back culture and famous beaches of Anguilla but I'm going to be covering the inaugural Livin In The Sun Music Festival.  The three day event kicks off this weekend and focuses on DJ's from around the world playing on Anguilla's pristine beaches. The multi-sensory experience combines music, art and since Anguilla is considered the Caribbean's culinary capital, food. I can't even wrap my head around all of the highlights but I'm looking forward to exploring a few of the island's 33 beaches, sampling local dishes and hearing DJ's from Italy, France, South African and Anguilla. The head-liner is Walshy Fire of Major Lazer so I don't expect to be off my feet very much. Please stay tuned for posts and videos!

Kyoto's Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Japan is filled with so many arresting sights. There were a lot of special experiences, so it's hard to choose where to start but I think it's always good to start with nature. One of the most iconic images of Japan is the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. The grove towers with bamboo trees that play against the light pouring through the slender trunks. It would be the perfect place to meditate and take in the sound of the stalks swaying back and forth but I was there on a national Japanese holiday. It was culture day, which meant masses of locals were in the grove, strolling and taking photos. I saw loads of kimono clad girls and saffron robed monks but it was hard to focus on the magic of the experience. The glimpse of serenity that I found was when I stood in front of this graveyard on the other side of the grove. The crowds just headed down the path as I paused and looked at the tombstones. I think that being buried near a bamboo grove is probably one of the most peace