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The Path to Grace Bay

In Turks and Caicos , it's all about the beach. Beach culture and water sports  are the main focus for travelers and there's no beach more significant than Grace Bay.  Famous for being listed by various travel publications as one of the world's most beautiful beaches, Grace Bay is a pristine, three-mile strip along the northeast coast of Providenciales .  Every day during my stay on Provo, I walked a 10 minute path to Grace Bay. I stepped along the gravel road in front of my villa to get to the nearby beach access. I quickly discovered that flip flops aren't enough support against the sharp rocks and had to switch out to sturdy sandals to walk the road comfortably. This small sign marks the beach access path, which runs through a small grove of trees and bush. I loved walking through palm trees and plants, even though I heard lizards rustling in the distance every time I strolled by. At least I hope they were lizards. There were also different sized co