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Next Stop: Rueda and Ribera Del Duero, Spain

Fall represents harvest time in many countries. I'm thrilled to return to Spain  this week to witness the famous grape harvests of Rueda and Ribera Del Duero.   I will be hosted by the Tourism Office of Spain and I'll be exploring the provinces of Burgos and Valladolid and the region of Castile-Leon. My itinerary features vineyards, castles and lots of restaurants! Spanish wine country holds a lot of history and cultural traditions that I will be  highlighting so please look out for posts and lots of wine pix!

Switzerland's Lake Views

Images of Switzerland  always seem to involve mountains and alpine scenery, which does make up a lot of the country's distinctive beauty but that's not all you'll see. I was ecstatic to visit the Lake Geneva region , where I got to revel in the aquatic vistas of Switzerland.  Walking along the shoreline in Montreux , I discovered exactly why it's called the Swiss Riviera.  Crystalline blue water framed by mountains served as a stunning backdrop for sidewalk cafes, live concerts and sculptures rising up from the water. The mermaid raiding a seahorse was my absolute favorite, especially with children splashing around it. This abstract piece looks like dolphins diving out of the water. Although the sculpture wasn't actually in the water, it gave the illusion from a distance. The fork sticking up from the lake was the silliest piece to me but it's also the most popular, as you can gather from the chair posted in front of it for the perfect Instagram selfie.