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Grilling Sardines On A Spanish Beach

Andalusia is noted for its distinctive culture and aside from the eye-popping beauty, that's my favorite thing about the region. On the sunny Costa Tropical, the cultural delights continue. This beach in Salobrena , about 45 minutes from Granada, enchanted me with mountain views, pristine waves and the smell of sardines grilling. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of sardines but I was excited to see this chiringuito or beach bar, with an authentic boat used as a grill because it's a hallmark of Andalusian beach culture. Fresh, just caught fish are a specialty with espetos de sardinas  or sardine skewers, the most essential. My excitement must have been obvious because I was quickly invited to learn how to skewer the sardines for grilling. The bamboo sticks are pushed through the body of the sardine for even grilling and it's probably easy to do for more spatially refined people but unfortunately, not for me. I mangled a handful of silvery fish before I

The Mermaid of Motril

Andalusia's dreamy Costa Tropical, a collection of beaches and resort towns that hug the Mediterranean coast, captivates all who venture into the area's sunny landscape. For a water reveler like me, the salty air and cerulean sea felt like a European version of tropical paradise. Our first stop was the hilltop town of Motril , which boasts a colorful port filled with fishing boats, lounging  locals and this mermaid. She was the first thing I spied in the port which is fitting, since she seems to be waving a graceful greeting to all soon-to-be-mesmerized visitors.

Journey Into A Writer's Life

It's been a really busy few months with the release of my new book and all the publicity events that go along with a book launch. That's in addition to my usual travel, writing and teaching schedule. So when my friend, photographer, writer and guidebook author Lily Girma , invited me to participate in a writer's blog hop, I was aghast but excited about the chance to delve into my chaotic writing process. I'm honored to join so many talented writers who all provide a snapshot into what their writing process involves and what motivates them to write what they do. Below are my answers to the questions about my writing life and in a few weeks, three writers that I respect and am inspired by and who also happen to hail from some my favorite places in the world--Italy's Angela Corrias , London and Cuba's Mario Lopez-Goicoechea  and Chicago's Maureen Jenkins ,will share their answers. 1. What Am I Writing Now? After an enthralling visit to the Andalusia