Monday, September 18, 2017

Next Stop: India!

From the food, to the music, fashion and wellness, I've admired Indian culture for a long time. This week, I get to experience one of my top bucket list items by visiting Gujarat, on the Western coast of India. I'll be hosted by Gujarat Tourism and they have compiled an exciting itinerary, including witnessing  and participating in the annual Navaratri Festival, shown above. The nine day Hindu celebration is one of the most popular dance festivals in India, which celebrates the nine forms of goddess. Gujarat is also Gandhi's hometown so I'll be visiting his ashram and exploring ancient stepwells, temples and small towns. I know it will be a life-changing journey so please look out for posts and pix!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Salsa in Cali, Colombia

Although salsa music was not created in Cali, (they give full credit to Cuba) Calenos have embraced the music and dance with so much passion that the city is known as the "world capital of salsa." I quickly discovered why on my first night in Cali. Dozens of salsa clubs, some little hole in the walls, some full-fledged nightclubs like the legendary Tin Tin Deo, start throbbing with salsa music at about 10pm. Live musicians blast out the swirling rhythms and dancers crowd the floor. I was out of breathe just watching all the twirling, swaying and fast footwork. Colombian style salsa is much faster than conventional salsa and Calenos are noted for their dizzying lifts and fancy footwork. It's said that men in Cali can't get a date without knowing how to salsa so it is clearly an important skill. There are dance schools all over Cali to help out the less gifted dancers and I joined in a fast-paced class at  the Live Salsa & Tango dance school, which had me drenched in sweat and fun. I'm not even close to the finesse of local dancers but joining in at a club is an essential part of the Cali experience.

Check out this video of salsa dancers on a Monday night at El Habanero Club (note the Cuba flags)

Cali also hosts a live cabaret salsa show called Ensalsate, this video features musicians from the Petronio Alvarez Fest:

Sunday, September 10, 2017

How to Help The Caribbean After Hurricane Irma


The reports of Hurricane Irma's destruction across the Caribbean region  has left me worried and with my stomach in knots. After watching how Hurricane Harvey pounded Texas, and how Irma continues to menace Florida, it's doubly concerning because the Caribbean doesn't get the visibility or response that the U.S. commands. The islands of the Caribbean are more than just vacation spots, they shelter a people and a culture that I know and love. After hearing from friends and researching reports, it's clear that donations are needed more than anything else to start a rebuilding process that will probably take years. The most extreme devastation happened on Barbuda, the tiny sister island to Antigua whose proud citizens and pink sand stole my heart years ago. The island has been almost completely wiped out, leaving Barbudans homeless and evacuated to Antigua. St. Thomas, Anguilla, St. Martin and parts of Cuba are also challenged with trying to recover from Irma's destruction. 

St. Thomas
The Caribbean needs immediate help to assist her people and start the process of rebuilding. I have compiled a list of reputable organizations that will supply direct aid to the people who need it. In the wake of many relief agencies being accused of fraud, I researched these at Charity Navigator and Charity Watch to measure their effectiveness. 

Here's a list of organizations that accept donations for Hurricane Relief in the Caribbean:

Global Giving Hurricane Irma Relief Fund: This org.receives high ratings from Charity Navigator.

Community Foundation of Virgin Islands: A local charity that supplies funds directly to the U.S Virgin Islands.
U.S. Virgin Island Relief Fund: Retired NBA star and St. Croix native Tim Duncan has donated $250,000 to this charity and will match donations to the first million.

Unicef: This org. has very good transparency and honesty rating. It's also one of my personal charities that I support annually. Unicef has a disaster relief fund  that supports children affected by Hurricane Irma.

American University of Antigua Barbuda Relief Fund:  The University of Antigua, on Barbuda's sister island, has created a fund for emergency supplies and long-term support for hurricane survivors.

Caribbean Tourism Organization Hurricane Relief Fund:  This organization represents 27 islands and their tourism sectors. The fund supplies donations directly to the ministry of tourism of affected member islands to help with rebuilding efforts.