Sunday, November 2, 2008

21 Miles Long and A Smile Wide

That's how locals describe Barbados and I have to agree with them. It's not a big island, it's not a small island but you'll find something to make you smile, whether it's the weather, the landscape, the culture or the people. I did a lot of laughing and smiling while I was there, I think Bajans are very intriguing people. I heard loads of thought-provoking comments and discussions that I'll detail later. Going through my photos, I jogged through my memory to try and find the most memorable experience I had there. I'm still processing them (along with a cold I got from the combination of rainy season and air conditioning )but I did find a shot that counts as one of the most unforgettable scenes. On the northern side of Barbados, in the parish of St. Andrew,

Cherry Tree Hill Reserve boasts the most spectacular view on the island. Despite it's name, it's not cherry trees that fill the grove (they died a long time ago) but gorgeous mahogany trees. Looking over the hill at about 850 feet above sea level, beyond the sugarcane and majestic mahogany, a stunning view of the Atlantic coast fills your senses. Gazing out over that hill was one of the best sights I had while I was in Barbados.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I saw you on Jack Mandora's page. I like your statement about the elections, slavery, etc. You are one informed Fly Girl. :) The island photos are beautiful. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Once I took a photo from the top of Lover's Leap in St. Elizabeth, trying to capture the majesty, the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean Sea from that angle. The camera seriously understated what I saw and felt. Do you feel that way sometimes about your pics?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting Stephen! I'll be on your great site often.

Jackie, I'm definitely no photographer! I capture images much better with words. I think that my photos give an idea of what I'm talking about, if not always exactly. I actually had only a few minutes to get this shot. It wasn't easy for me to shoot but you can see the Atlantic peeking out amid the the trees if you look closely.