Sunday, January 18, 2009

Devil's Bridge

Although it's not the prettiest island in the Caribbean, tiny Antigua (108 sq. miles) is one of my favorites. The people exude the most genuinely warm spirits that I've ever witnessed and it's the birthplace of one of my favorite authors, Jamaica Kincaid. I spent my first hours in the capitol of St. John, scouring the streets for the library that Jamaica writes about so vividly in A Small Place. I found it in much the same cramped glory that she described almost a decade before but that wasn't one of the island's most memorable spots. That honor goes to Devil's Bridge.

Located on the northeast side of Antigua, covered with sloping hills and luxurious vegetation, you'll find the eerily popular attraction called Devil's Bridge. A natural limestone arch carved from Atlantic Ocean breakers looms up from the water. Blow holes and whipping waves add to the daunting effect of the place. Screaming over the bridge delivers not just excitement but a watery reward; the ocean responds to the kinetic energy and the waves rise in response. It's a splash that I'll never forget.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet that was memorable. It looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

hey lady...come down for a visit and get out of the cold!

Anonymous said...

Gem, it was!
Fly Guy, I might take you up on that!