Monday, April 20, 2009

Afro Cuban Azucar (CD/DVD Giveaway)

In honor of my 60th blog post, I decided it was time to celebrate! For me, celebrations always include music and one of my favorite genres is addictive,hip-swinging Cuban music. The Cuban sound draws much of its foundation from complex West African rhythms, with Latin melodies layered on top. This creates a joyful and sophisticated blend of music that is instantly recognizable. I've never heard anybody represent the music as vitally as bandleader, producer and musician Juan de Marcos and the Afro Cuban All Stars.

As the man behind the Buena Vista Social Club, he skillfully demonstrates the vast generational appeal of Cuban music. You get stylish jazz melodies, funky beats and hot, soulful singing all at once. The CD and DVD set, Absolutely Live, was re-issued to promote the group's 2009 Spring American tour, the first since 2002, when Cuban musicians were routinely denied work visas for U.S. tours. That's changed now as we look forward to a new era of U.S. and Cuban cultural exchange. Let's kick off the exchange here! The DVD shows footage of the group's live Tokyo concert and the CD is an unreleased recording of a performance at The Hague's North Sea Jazz Festival. My favorite is the classic, "Chan Chan" but all the songs will sashay around in your head for days.

Here's the deal: If you haven't already, follow my blog on the Google friend connect widget. Leave a comment explaining how music has opened your mind to a specific culture, country or language. I'll pick the best answer and send that person a copy of the Afro Cuban All Stars, Absolutely Live CD/DVD. That's four generations and 32 musicians all under one banner. Enjoy a taste here:


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Who do I have to sleep with to get this awesome CD/DVD?????? You name it (well, not just anyone mind you but if George Clooney is his name I'm soooo willing).
I knew that you would love those sweet potatoe fries from the Friday Shoot Out......come on Fly Girl, why don't you join our "gang"???? We all have a great time and you're a fantastic picture taker (whatever it's called....I refuse to use the work photographer for myself).
Do I have to come up there and jump you in????
Think about it okay??? hit me up at my blog if you're interested.

Steady On
Reggie Girl

A Cuban In London said...

You quite rightly highlighted one of Juan's main skills, he is an accomplished musician in his own right. However he stepped to the side a little bit during the recording and performances of the Buena Vista Social Club to give the 'veterans' more space and opportunities.

Many thanks for posting this clip and for the wonderful commentary.

Greetings from London.

marina villatoro said...

My Guatemalan Husband has this crazy thing that he can spot a latino ryhtm from miles away. we can be sitting in our car with windows closed and he'll hear a cuban song from some house and say the exact rythm of it. it's amazing. I don't think he'll pick up the afro-ness to this, but I know he'll love it as much as me:)
The Travel Expert(a) - Living and Traveling Central America

Fly Girl said...

Reggie, no sexual favors necessary, especially with George. Just write a comment explaining how music introduced you to a particular culture or country! I'll check out the Friday shoot out.

Cubano, I thought you might enjoy this one!

Marina, your husband sounds like he has a good ear.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a fab piece of music that was. All that music seemed to come together to produce a great sound.

Anonymous said...

I just dig music. Seriously. It moves me when I think my feet are firmly planted. It's all connected and its tangible. I remember about 20 years ago I was listening to some old school Cuban music on my walkman(yes, I'm dating myself). A co-worker of mine walked by and asked to listen. He damn near fell down when he heard what I was listening to. I waited for a reply, more like I was dreading his reply. 'What the hell are you listening to girl? Black folks don't listen to this!' I quickly snapped back,"Learn your history buddy because it's all OUR music too. Listen closely and you'll find your long forgotten roots." As he walked away dejected, I triumphantly returned my headphones back to my anticipating ears and rocked out with Celia Cruz until I was fully content.

See that's what music means to me...opening up, letting it in and enjoying the process.

Fly Girl said...

Jean-Luc,I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Yvonne, that was a really great explanation!

garydrew01 said...
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vascoporfiao said...

No veo los links, debo reg? Saludos.