Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pirates, Palm Trees and Shark Teeth

Amelia Island is a magical place. Not just because of the sun-drenched cobble stone streets, the Victorian architecture or its long stretch of pristine beaches.  Its the people, as warm as the Florida weather that makes it irresistible.    Apparently, I'm not the only one attracted to this little island.  Pirates loved to hide out on Amelia Island during the 17th and 18th centuries. Throughout the Fernandina Beach historic district, you'll find homages to these characters like the waterfront statue above.

And this life-like specimen that guards a local shop.

Palm trees also line every street and strip of land, just so you remember you're on an island.  These are my favorite, called pineapple palms because of the texture of the bark.

Palm trees often supply the only shade  on a sunny street, making them practical as well as pretty.

Apparently, Amelia Island beaches are studded with millions-year-old sharks teeth. I only found pretty shells but signs like the one above hang everywhere. Small maps, outlining the shape and names of the different shark teeth are routinely handed out at hotels.  When I began a tour of historic Fernandina Beach, I was greeted by the guide not with a handshake but a hand full of shark teeth!  I keep them with my other beach treasures, to remind me of Amelia Island's special qualities.


A Cuban In London said...

This is a fascinating tour. Those palm trees took me back to Cuba straight away. You're right, they're very practical, when the temperature is 35 degrees outside, all you can do is run to the nearest one to find shelter.

Greetings from London.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's a real pirate haven. ARRRH!

eden said...

They are beautiful statues. And that second photo is life-like specimen, indeed!
My first time to see pineapple palms. I love the texture of the bark too.It's amazing.
My daughter would love to visit Amelia Island beaches and search for shark teeth. She always look for shark teeth every time we visit a beach but haven't found one yet.

Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures.

Cate said...

Any reason for the shark teeth or do old sharks go there to shed their real teeth in exchange for dentures? This place has some good history.

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

We haven't been to Amelia yet. Nice write up!

Fly Girl said...

Cubano, Running from palm to palm sounds like fun!

Jean-Luc, indeed it is.

Eden, your daughter would have a thrilling time on Amleia Island.

Cate, it's because the beaches are constantly unearthed and the teeth that have been on the ocean floor are flipped up near the surface.

Heather, the history is the most intriguing thing about the island.

Jesson Balaoing said...

Thanks for dropping back my blog site!!!!

Fly Girl said...

The feeling is mutual!