Fly in Korean

Being fly translates into any language. It doesn't matter if you rock an edgy salwar kameez in Mumbai or a hot samba skirt in Sao Paulo, fly is fly.  And right now I'm fly in Korean because my current fave t-shirt showcases a cool chick with a Korean phrase, above. Besides the vivid cornflower blue hue and the beautifully hand drawn illustration, what really sold me on this tee was the meaning of that phrase. It says, "everyone's entitled to my opinion"! I had to have it.  But Chicago designer Anna Hovet creates a tempting slew of culturally clever, signature tees that had me dizzy with the possibilities. I  seriously considered snatching up all of these $30 t-shirts.

This innocent-looking tee above, says "looking for trouble" in Haitian Kreyol.  I contemplated this one but since I really don't like attracting trouble, I decided against it.

This one called out to me first. The attitude and the fact that it's in Italian was enough  for me.When I found it it says "not all bad girls wear black," it was all over.  I wasn't the only one that loved this shirt because it' sold out before I could grab the last one.

This one reminds me of  an old school True Romance photo. But that's misleading because the phrase is much cheekier than what you'd find in those magazines. It says "I should come with a warning label" in Portuguese. I love the whole idea behind these culturally diverse designs. I like to think of it as having a truly worldly wardrobe. Have any cultural styles caught your eye recently?


Oneika said…
All are cute, but I love the vibe of the first one!
Rose said…
i love the 1st one... :-)
Fly Girl said…
Oneika, that's why I bought it! But I love the Italian one too.

Rose, it's a consensus!
Jean-Luc Picard said…
Absolutely fab. I love them all!
Catherine said…
as long as you know what your tee shirt slogan means - I saw a lot of people wear tee shirts in Mexico with English slogans that they clearly had not the first clue about - all these you have shown us, however, are quite delightful Greetings from the riviera.....
Love the Korean one. The second one is definitely sexist in my opinion. The Italian one is cheeky and the last one somewhat ambiguous. Great choice, by the way. I once had a T-shirt with a Japanese caption and until I was assured that it didn't read "Stupid and proud of it", I wasn't satisfied. :-)

Greetings from London.

PS: Word verification, "orish". Almost! Just an "a" and you would have been amongst the ancestors. :-)
Fly Girl said…
Jean-luc, indeed they are.

Catherine, I know exactly what you mean. I'm particular about the words and logos that I wear but a lot of people don't seen to care.

Cubano, I'm not crazy about that Haitian phrase either but I never thought of it as sexist, it could easily be swapped for a male figure with the same effect. You and the word verifications! That must be a sub-conscious Scorpio thing.
I particularly like that last T-shirt for the design and the message!!!
Fly Girl said…
Andrew, you like that cheeky message? I bet you wouldn't wear it!

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