Friday, May 25, 2012

Food Truck Feast at San Antonio's Culinaria

I moseyed down to Texas to experience the Culinaria food and wine festival and all I can say is like everything else, Texans do food big. I'm not just talking about portions, I'm talking about the sheer variety of dishes and flavors offered. My first dive into San Antonio's food scene was at the Food Truck Event, which  featured 14 popular food trucks offering everything from duck confit tacos to bourbon bacon brownies. To say the least, I was intrigued. And so was everyone else. Food truck culture runs deep in San Antonio, a reported 2,000 people crammed into a parking lot to sample these street food treats. The lines were long and the people were friendly. It reminded me of a more laid back Taste of Chicago, without so much jostling.

I was instantly taken by the charm and quirkiness of the trucks.  This one above, its name a clever take on satiate, was the most popular. It's hot young chef served up wagyu beef sliders and duck fat fries for 40-50 minute waits.

This truck supplied an array of spice-laden foods that matched its fiery color scheme.

Named the Duk Truck, this was also an extremely popular truck. Its versions of duck-themed dishes lured hour-long lines.

The Rickshaw Stop truck proved to be another San Antonio favorite, providing Pakistani street food like kebabs and samosas.  So what about the food you say? Well, it was totally worth the long lines.

Fries cooked in duck fat and sprinkled with Parmesan tasted as decadent as they sound. These delicacies from Say She Ate were my favorite dish,I would have been happy with nibbling on them all night but I felt obligated to sample other dishes.

Chicken wings in Thai coconut curry sauce with yogurt dressing from Spice Runner were delectable, with just the right amount of spicy kick.

Samosas stuffed with seasoned chicken and dipped in sweet tamarind sauce  from the Rickshaw Stop were flavorful  and light but they couldn't keep me from falling into a food coma. I was so stuffed, I could barely recall where I was. Bread pudding with pecans and bourbon sauce helped me remember that I was in San Antonio. I was too delirious to snap a pic but take my word for it, it was a yummy ending to an evening of Texas street food. Have you tried any tasty street food during your travels?


Magda Scrobota said...

wow, now i m hungry, that food looks so tasty :)
like your blog :)
maybe you have time to check mine

Fly Girl said...

Magda, thanks for dropping by. I'll visit your site soon.

katie said...

I honestly think I need this in my life. I mean, I've been to NYC and Honolulu street fairs that just HAPPENED to have food trucks among them, but never a festival just focusing on the food. YUM. I've always wanted to travel to Texas, it seems like such a fantastic state.

Fly Girl said...

Katie, Texas is a really interesting and huge state, each city is different. I liked San Antonio because of the Riverwalk and Mexican cultural influence, which was all over the food.

Angela said...

Those pictures look mouthwatering, I feel like having samosa now, a bit hard to find in Sardinia :)

Fly Girl said...

Angela, samosas may be hard to find but Sardinia has so many other delicious things!

janaya hull said...

That food is so worth looking at, so tasty looking hmm delicious.