Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chicago Haute Dogs

It's a cute idea. Gourmet hot dogs add a little style to this basic fast food and Chicago boasts quite a few eateries offering their take. Frank N' Dawgs' adventurous menu intrigued me the most. Smoked tofu? Scallop sausage? Kimchi?  These aren't your typical hot dog ingredients and I was fascinated to discover if they actually  tasted good. So I headed to Frank N Dawgs with my skeptical hubby.

I laughed at this sign that greeted us, above. In case we didn't know, there'd be no typical dogs with peppers and relish here.

Who can think about humdrum dishes when there's triple truffle fries?  Slathered in truffle butter, truffle oil and truffle salt, we almost forgot about the hot dogs as we (mostly hubby) gobbled them down.

I opted for fried green tomatoes to accompany my dog. I liked the idea of crunchy, cornmeal covered tomatoes to offset the heaviness of the dog but the cornmeal didn't quite stick to the tomatoes. So I ended up eating the green tomatoes and then the cornmeal.

 We weren't brave enough to sample the smoked tofu or kimchi and braised short rib dogs but we did explore. This is the Lamb-orghini, lamb sausage topped with chili aioli and deep fried basil that my hubby ordered.

I tried the Tur-doggin, turkey and date sausage sprinkled with crispy duck confit, herb garlic aioli and pickled carrots. The highlight of these dogs was the soft, gently toasted and buttered rolls that they nestled in. I could eat the rolls alone and be happy. Hubby wasn't as impressed, chiefly because the two dogs, fries and tomatoes costs almost $40. That's pretty steep for what amounts to a fancy snack but high style always costs.


Tess said...

Mmmm I feel my inner fat-kid coming out when i see these photos.
Great post

Fly Girl said...

Globe, I'm afraid these hot dogs appeal to everybody, regardless of body issues! Thanks for dropping by.

A Cuban In London said...

It is a very good idea, indeed. My family and I usually go to Ed's Diner to eat gourmet burguers. So, gourmet hot dogs? Bring 'em on! :-)

By the way, I've always been a Kate Bush fan, but for some reason that little number never registered with me. I agree with you, Maxwell's version is much better. Sorry, Kate, but you were upstaged on this one! Maxwell has such a superb, sweet and soulful voice that I'm always suprirsed he's not known more. Go figure!

Greetings from London.

Fly Girl said...

Cubano, do the gourmet burgers cost a ghastly amount of money? The Scorpio husband just can't get past that. Maxwell has a very specific following, he doesn't try to woo pop teens but discerning ears.

Rachel Cotterill said...

If the tofu one is veggie, there might even be something for me! I love veggie hotdogs, it's my junk food weakness.

Fly Girl said...

Rachel, the tofu one is veggie,so there are no excuses not to eat gourmet hot dogs!

Andrew Graeme Gould said...

How creative!

Fly Girl said...

Andrew, the dogs were definitely creative, if over priced.