Friday, September 7, 2012

A Quebecois Taste of Spain & England

Noted for its free-spirited blend of cultures, Canada is a country that I always enjoy visiting for that very reason. But I have to admit my surprise when I rolled into the village of Hemingford in the rural region of Monteregie, Quebec, to discover that a British pub was the most popular dining spot. Quebec is so very French that I didn't expect such an Anglophile outpost. Equipped with stocks of ale (listed in French of course) and legendary fish and chips, I thought Witsend  Resto Pub was a quaint anomaly in a haven of French culture.

Then I spotted this sign, above. I'm a big fan of sangria but never in all of my travels, have I ever heard of green sangria. The waitress shot me an incredulous look. Apparently, green sangria is the thing in Quebec and I was missing out.

What makes the sangria so quintessentially Quebecois is the little fact that it's made from apple ice wince harvested at an orchard just a few miles away. The taste was smooth and fruity with a little more kick than regular sangria.

Sipping the green sangria with the most perfect plate of fish and chips I've tasted outside of London, I chuckled at the quirky scenario. Spanish sangria and British fish and chips wasn't what I expected in  Francophone Quebec but  I really enjoyed the mix of culinary cultures. Have you ever discovered unexpected cultural mixes during your travels?


Catherine said...

that is an interesting cultural fusion for sure....the joy of travelling is certainly to find the surprising and unexpected!

Fly Girl said...

Catherine, the joy of traveling definitely uncovers some surprises on so many levels!

A Cuban In London said...

Were the chips crispy or soggy? If the latter, tehy certainly weren't British! :-)

On a serious note, I, too, am surprised to hear that Quebec digs the ol' fish'n'chips. Battered cod, I suppose?

By the way, I dig Emeli. She's definitely my kind of singer and enjoyed her voice very much at the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

Greetings from London.

Gina @ One Day in a City said...

Ooh, yum! So does it kind of taste like apple juice then?

Fly Girl said...

Cubano, oh no, no, I said they were GOOD fish n chips. Very crispy. I listened to Emile's CD on Spotify and love it.

Gina, no, not really. It tastes like a fruity liquor.

Emme Rogers @ Roamancing said...

That is Canada for you and pub fare. You can generally get whatever type of food you want in most areas.

I do hope you enjoyed some actual Quebecois food during your visit.

Fly Girl said...

Emme, Monteregie is a small rural province so it doesn't have all of the variety bigger towns have so I was surprised at the expertly prepared fish-n-chips. I have had Quebecois food in Montreal, this trip was about wine and pairings. Thanks for dropping by.