Friday, October 10, 2014

Next Stop: Macau

I'm not a huge fan of Las Vegas but I'm excited to be traveling to Macao, Asia's answer to Vegas and the world's largest casino mecca. Perched on the Southeastern coast of China, Macao is a peninsula that offers much more than gambling. I'm most interested in  Macao's unusual  blend of Chinese and Portuguese cultures. It was a Portuguese colony until 1999, when it was released back to China and became a Special Administrative Region. The Portuguese legacy is everywhere, from the Unesco World Heritage Cite of the Historic Centre of Macao, including the 16th century St. Paul's or Sao Paulo ruins, pictured above, to the egg tarts and golden codfish drenched in coconut milk and saffron, that typify Macanese cuisine. I'll be exploring Macao's cuisine and history as well as the highlights of Sheraton Macao Hotel, Cotai Central, the sponsor of my media trip. Please stay tuned for posts and pix!


Chinamatt said...

I miss Macau. I don't like gambling, but there's so much more in that little city (plus I enjoy the architecture of the older casinos like the Lisboa). Down one of the alleys near Senado Square is Dragon Mama Cuisine--really good food.

Andrew said...

I bet it's still got those fascinating aspects, as it did when I visited it a very long time ago.

Looking forward to your following posts, Rosalind.

Fly Girl said...

Chinamatt, Macau is so much more than gambling!I love the architecture too and the food is really a highlight. Thanks so much for dropping by.

Andrew,Macau has really developed over the last 5-6 years, it's still fascinating but you might not recognize it!