Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Yukon Wedding

There is no place on Earth like the Yukon. I had no idea what to expect when I visited this striking and unconventional region of Canada and that was probably a good thing because you just have to experience it. Descriptions and expectations just don't measure up. So when I sifted through the hundreds of photos I took of all of my out of this world experiences--glaciers! elk hearts! human toe cocktails! a real caveman!, it was hard to choose a singular image of how to sum up the Yukon. But this pic of a Yukon wedding does a great job of capturing the spirit of the place. This wasn't posed or set up, this is the real wedding party on a vintage fire engine, rolling through the dusty streets of Dawson City. It was actually the first of two wedding parties that I witnessed, the other was on a pickup truck. They waved and invited me to join the reception as they rolled off.  They didn't know who I was, I didn't know who they were but they didn't hesitate to invite me to their special day. That's the Yukon; adventurous, welcoming and unexpected.


Suitcase Monster (Alan) said...

Thats awesome. Its nice to see pkaces with a strong sense of community spirit. Something that has unfortunately disappeared in the part of Scotland I cone from (central scotland) where many people walk around with their heads down as if the are scared that eye contact is an infectious disease.

I hope you had a look for some Yukon Gold when you were there.

(I found your site on instagram after you liked one of our pictures :-) )

Fly Girl said...

Hi Alan,
Thanks so much for dropping by! I think bigger cities make it hard for people to retain a sense of community. I'm sure that the smaller Scottish towns still have it. The Yukon is such an unusual and rough climate that the citizens all connect to help support each other. I do wish we could all see this everywhere, though.

Unknown said...

Great blog. Super pictures. I also invite you to my world.

Fly Girl said...

Marvin, thanks so much for visiting. I will visit your blog soon.