Thursday, August 27, 2015

Totem Poles and Teepees in the Yukon

One of the things that I loved about traveling in the Yukon was the vibrant First Nation culture that was visible everywhere. Traditional paintings, sculptures, food and clothing were displayed in every town that I visited but I really enjoyed seeing the totem poles. The one above stands in Whitehorse.

This totem pole sits in the middle of CarCross (Caribou Crossing), surrounded by shops covered in beautiful First Nation symbols. All tribes don't have totem poles but those that lived near forests carved them to represent the tribal nation's history and stories.You can see the intricate detail and work that goes into the carvings. I was tempted to climb them to look at the figures up close, but I didn't. Besides being difficult, it would be highly disrespectful to climb a totem pole.

I spotted this teepee on a farm just outside of  Dawson City. It's made with traditional elk skin and wood, with an opening on top for smoke. I really enjoyed connecting with First Nation culture when I was in the Yukon, have you ever experienced any aspect of the culture?


Indrani said...

Very interesting sights and the description.

Fly Girl said...

Indrani, thanks, the landscape and public art in the Yukon is interesting indeed.