Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Next Stop: Sweet Jamaica

I never get tired of traveling to Jamaica but I'm especially excited about visiting a parish I've never experienced: Port Antonio in the Northeastern parish of Portland. Noted for bamboo rafting down the Rio Grande, this rustic transport was once used to ship bananas. The whole process was made famous by Harry Belafonte's  classic 'Day O" tune and I can't wait to see the Rio Grande as well as the rest of the lush region. A highlight of my trip will be a visit to Moore Town, more widely known as Nanny Town, the settlement founded by enslaved Africans called maroons, who fought off the British and lived in the mountains in independent communities. Nanny was the female warrior who led the Portland maroons with highly developed ambush techniques and won a peace treaty from the British in 1739 for tax free lands. Nanny is the only female Jamaican national hero and I am thrilled to visit her second settlement (the original was up in the Blue Mountains) and meet her ancestors. I'll also spend some time in Kingston, where I'll explore Trenchtown and Bob Marley's Tuff Gong studios. My trip is sponsored by the Jamaica Tourist Board. Please stay tuned for posts and pix!


Indrani said...

Wow! What a wonderful tour opportunity for you!
Happy travels.

Fly Girl said...

Indrani, thanks it really was a great opportunity and I'm so grateful to have the chance to explore more of Jamaica!