Monday, November 2, 2015

Prague's Astronomical Clock

Prague is famous for its medieval architecture and one of the most unusual landmarks is the astronomical clock in the middle of the Old Town square. I have to admit, although I'd heard about the castles and Charles Bridge, I had never heard anything about this clock. But there it was, an imposing structure in the middle of the historic square, with hordes of tourists surrounding it.

I learned that the clock is 605 years old and has been working non-stop for all of those centuries. All the excitement is centered around wooden figures of the apostles,which appear in windows every hour. Some of the statues also move, with the death figure beckoning to a Turkish man, who shakes his head and a miserly man with a money bag shaking a stick. Sounds cool. But as I gathered with the crowd at 4 pm, I didn't see any of that. I saw the windows open and I suppose I glimpsed the apostles but it all happened so quickly that I can't say I did for sure. It literally only lasted for a few seconds and I stood there, as the crowds moved away, waiting for more. But that was it so it's no surprise that I was underwhelmed by the astronomical clock. What I did enjoy was the view after I climbed the tower, below. Have you have any travel experiences that weren't what you expected?