Friday, November 20, 2015

Secluded Paradise on St. Lucia's Anse Mamin

St. Lucia is an island that epitomizes the idea of paradise. From striking views of the Pitons twin peaks to lush rain forests and surreal beaches, this island overflows with natural beauty. So I guess I should have been prepared when I arrived in the village of Soufriere at Anse Chastanet Resort and was greeted with a three walled room that showcased the vistas up close. I'll do a post about my room later but non-stop gazing out at that stunning landscape made me think that I had absorbed all the perfection possible. I was so wrong. After hopping a water taxi to Anse Mamin, about 10 minutes north of Anse Chastanet, my mouth dropped. A tiny black sand beach surrounded with cerulean waves and only a handful of people unfolded before me. It looked like a Gauguin painting, it was so unspoiled and tranquil.

An open air kitchen served up what was reported to be "the world's best burger," to be enjoyed under palapas with views of the sea. I ordered the fish burger on traditional johnny cakes doused with banana ketchup and accompanied by plantain chips.

I honestly don't remember what it tasted like. I think it was good but the beach was such a distraction that all I could do was take a few bites so that I could finish and dive into the water. And I remember what the water was like. It was warm and enveloping, with only a few fish joining me. The canopy of palm trees waved as I floated out of the water and laid out on the soft black sand. It was paradise indeed.


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