Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Next Stop: Dubai

For the next week, I'll be exploring the quickly growing city of Dubai. I'm excited to learn about Dubai as well as different aspects of the business travel sector. My trip is sponsored by Dubai Tourism and the Dubai Business Travel Events team. I'll be visiting the famous buildings that dot Dubai's skyline, including the iconic Burj Khalifa, pictured above. I'll also be diving into the souks and learning about Emirati traditional dress. The highlight will probably be a desert safari and camel polo game but I'm sure the city has more adventures than I can imagine. Stay tuned for posts!


Phyllis Stoller said...

Our group has done all women trips to Dubai with great success. The city is fascinating not only for its short history but also its growth and architecture. Women alone travel easily there. One suggestion is if you do the Desert Safari, try to go with a small group or privately;otherwise the experience is like a cruise ship mob in the dunes.

Enjoy the amazing airport also.

Fly Girl said...

Phyliss, Dubai was indeed fascinating! It's unlike any place I've traveled. We did do a private safari and I loved it. Thanks for your insight.