Tuesday, June 14, 2016

5 Airport Hacks For Easier Travel

What happens when you are stuck in a long TSA line.

Airline travel has developed into a harrowing list of indignities and stupid regulations but no area holds more opportunities for agony than the airport security line. The lines are guaranteed to be long whenever you’re late for a flight. The TSA agents can be surly. You will most likely get stuck behind a family with five kids and multiple strollers. The possibilities are endless. But there are a few things that you can do to make the process easier. Here are my ultimate tips for a breezier airport security experience:

Start The Process Before You Arrive at The Airport
I really don’t understand why some people wait until they get to the airport to check in, print flight tickets and  discover flight and gate status.  They might as well bring  a sleeping bag for a long nap because that’s how long all that unnecessary maneuvering requires. All of these things can be done on a laptop or phone beforehand. Airlines now have apps that allow you to have electronic tickets and gate info at your fingertips on your phone. Or you can just check in online and send the ticket to your phone. These can save a lot of time that will be better spent powering through security lines.

And about those long lines: download apps like Miflight and WhatsBusy to learn security wait times before you hit the door. That way, you can plan your arrival accordingly. And for those who must get in line to check bags, you are creating more hassle for yourself on both ends. You wait in line to check bags, you wait for your bag at baggage claim. Of course, that’s assuming that your bag even arrives. Carry on, it saves money, time and worry. That’s is the most basic airline hack.
What happens when you don't check in before you arrive at the airport.

Consider Your Shoes
This seems like a no brainer but I continue to witness people unlace, unbuckle and squat on the floor to wrench off airline unfriendly shoes. The key is to wear shoes that easily slip on and off. And I’m not talking about flip flops because bare feet on grungy airport floors is just nasty. Stow your chic, complicated shoes in your carry on for after you land. Go for something that slides on or can be fastened in a second for an easier time in security.

Think About Accessories
Many travelers forget that the details of their attire can totally affect their TSA experience. Avoid wearing belts, bulky sweaters, zippered tops or too much jewelry unless you don’t mind spending extra time taking them off. Hair style is also an accessory so please re-consider towering updos and metal barrettes. I’m the queen of accessories and have lots of hair but I have learned the hard way to streamline my airport look. I leave off metal hoop earrings and pull my hair back with an elastic instead of a metal clip for quick security checks.
The necessary liquid you will need, in the form of a strong mimosa, when you miss your flight because of TSA lines.

Organize Your Liquids
The liquid regulations have been in effect for years but many people still don’t seem to get it. You can not bring full size bottles of shampoo, lotion or cologne through security. And forget about trying to slip through with bottled water, you will be instructed to toss it. If you can’t find travel sized versions, buy the three ounce containers that fill drugstore and beauty supply shelves and fill them up with your choice of liquids.Store them in a quarter ounce bag in the side pocket of your suitcase so you’ll always be prepared.

Be Alert

I know that it’s a hassle to be at the airport at the crack of dawn. I know that you barely had

time to sleep and you just want to get to your destination. But please, pay attention to the

line and what you’re instructed to do. Have your ID and ticket ready, not buried in the bottom

of your bag. Take your laptop out of your bag, move your belongings on the conveyor and

move to the line that you’re directed to follow. If you don’t, you’re prolonging the process.

Just follow all the directions and you’ll be out of the security line and headed toward your