Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Next Stop: Merida, Yucatan Peninsula

One of my favorite regions of Mexico is the Yucatan Peninsula,which is brimming with vibrant history and a rich culture that's on display on every level, from the food, to the language and traditions. I'm excited to finally be visiting La Ciudad Blanca or the White City, as Merida is called because of the white limestone buildings. I'll be exploring the archeological sites of Dzibilchaltun, called the Temple of The Seven Dolls and one of the oldest Maya sites, dating from 300 BC and Uxmal, a Mayan town founded in A.D. 700 and declared a World Heritage Site. I'll also be dipping into a cenote or underground pool,which is a hallmark of the region and they always supply a magical experience. Of course, I'll sample the traditional food, music and fashion so look out for some interesting posts in during the next couple of weeks!


Phylis Stoller said...

We are so glad you wrote about the Yucatan and Campeche. The Women's Travel Group is going there in December and will include all the hidden places never seen by the cruise crowds. The Yucatan is also famous for chocolate and jalapenos! This is an under visited area for American tourism.

Fly Girl said...

Thanks so much for your comments! Yes, Americans don't go to Merida in large numbers but hopefully hearing our stories can change that!