Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This is Havana

Havana is super charming. It's really difficult to step foot into this energetic, multi-layered city and not be swept away by its appeal. Music flows from every surface, the locals are warm and gracious and the streets are crammed with striking images. There's a lot to see and what you capture depends on how you look and what you're looking for. The colorful buildings of Old Havana are every visitor's fave but I was also taken by the modern structures. El Capitolo, pictured above, resembles the American capitol building but was actually modeled after the Pantheon in Paris. It's interesting that you don't see photos of this lovely building half as much as you see images of the old,classic cars. Notice that there are modern cars rolling down the street in front of El Capitolo.

Plaza de la Revolucion is another popular pic but the iconic portrait of Che' Guevara is almost always highlighted. I discovered that Camilo Cienfuegos, a revolutionary who led a key battle during the Cuban Revolution is also featured in the plaza, as seen above. Camilo, along with Che and the Castro brothers were the major heros of the revolution but Camilo doesn't seem get as much acknowledgement outside of Cuba.

I loved strolling the Vedado neighborhood where I stayed in an Airbnb. I passed parks and sculptures like this wherever I went.

The crumbling buildings and old cars are visual hallmarks of Havana but there are also well kept buildings and serene plazas like the ones pictured above.

The Cuban flag flies proudly over many buildings but I really loved the juxtaposition of this waving flag against the modern architecture.

Murals. street art and graffiti are also common sights in Havana but I especially enjoyed walking past this piece everyday. Viva Cuba indeed!