Sunday, September 9, 2018

An African Greeting in Elmina, Ghana

Despite research, photos and personal stories, there's really nothing that can totally prepare you for Ghana. From the moment I set foot on the reddish earth, I was dazed and excited. There's nothing like returning to the home of your ancestors. Everything seemed familiar yet unlike anything I've ever experienced. We were welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm everywhere we went but I was taken aback by all of  the required revelry and protocols when we greeted the traditional chiefs in every town we visited.  In the South Coast town of Elmina, we were met with a large group of singers and dancers as well as an impressive council of chiefs and queen mothers. I thought I could just sit back and enjoy the music and dancing but I should have known better. African  music and dance is all about participation. When this adorable little girl pulled me up to dance, there was no way I could refuse. Spirit is everywhere in Africa and I definitely felt it as I danced and twirled to the drum rhythms.

Photo courtesy of Tammy Bender


Unknown said...

Awesome! You got anymore vids?

GSE Solutions said...

Great article, thanks for sharing.

The video was a joy to watch.

Fly Girl said...

Thanks so much! I will be posting more videos from my Ghana trip soon!