Sunday, May 19, 2019

South African Music and Dance

South Africa is an exciting country. No matter where you are, in a big city like Johannesburg, or a rural village, there's always music, dance or art incorporated into the environment, usually all three. African culture does not separate art and culture from everyday living but I was still taken aback by the exuberant sounds and dance I witnessed everywhere I traveled in South Africa. I love African music and dance, it connects on a deeper level than anything  I've seen in the West. So experiencing the varied rhythms, movements and emotions of live South African music and dance was a joyful treat. Check out a few of my faves from Durban, Isithumba and Cape Town, in the videos below.

These Zulu women mesmerized me with the power of their harmonies and the emotions bursting through the song. I don't understand Zulu but I felt every single verse of this tune.

Full of high spirits and excitement, these dancers in Isithumba cultural village called up the power of traditional Zulu dance. They pulled me into it at the end and throwing my leg up that high was not quite as effortless as it looks, lol.

This group supplied high energy singing and dancing on Cape Town's waterfront. It felt like a church revival mixed with a turn up attitude.