Monday, July 22, 2019

Grenada Waterfalls

The natural beauty of Grenada extends well beyond lovely beaches, lush rain forests and verdant mountains, this small island is also dotted with waterfalls! Grenada hosts dozens of waterfalls to explore and I was lucky to visit two of them. Rolling along the island's hills, you will discover a waterfall for every taste.

The most accessible waterfall is Annandale Falls, located just outside the capital of  St. George. Surrounded by a garden of ferns and trees, you just walk down a clear path  and you're rewarded with a cascade of water ending in a small pool. It's a great spot for a dip on a hot day although the water was icy cold from the recent rainfall when I visited.

Concorde Waterfalls requires a little more effort to reach. Sitting on the edge of a rain forest on the western side of the island, these falls stretch high over a mountain. This region of Grenada is filled with wildlife, I saw monkeys, lizards, rabbits and a few posing cats. There are actually three waterfalls located in this area and they are all striking, with crystalline water pouring over rocks and ferns. Local men jump off the falls for fun and if you offer a small tip, they''ll perform flips and spins. Check out my video of a thrilling Concorde Waterfall leap below.