Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Next Stop: Grenada

The beauty and culture of the storied Spice Isle also known as Grenada has been on my radar for years. This Southern Caribbean paradise is famous for lush topography, including beaches and waterfalls, as well as the production of nutmeg and mace, supplying some of the largest exports of these spices in the world. I will be exploring the natural beauty of Grenada this week, hopping on a dune buggy tour, a waterfall walk (Seven Sisters Waterfall is shown above) and a river tubing experience. I'll of course, also take in the island's history and notable foodie culture with a visit to St. George's spice market and  House of Chocolate. I'm especially excited to discover the history of revolutionary and Caribbean hero Maurice Bishop, who was the second prime minister of Grenada and was able to transform an oppressed society with a mass literacy program and developing the island's infrastructure and agricultural programs for self- sufficiency. Please stay tuned for posts and videos!