Thursday, July 25, 2019

Next Stop: Switzerland

Switzerland is one of those places that everyone loves. When I visited Lucerne years ago, I was astounded that the mountains and lakes, the medieval squares, were as charming and pristine as all the photos that show Switzerland as this kind of outdoor paradise. Even the Swiss cows, responsible for that life essential, Swiss chocolate, looked pretty as they delicately munched impossibly green grass. So it goes without saying that I'm excited to return to Switzerland, courtesy of  Swiss Tourism, this time to the famous Lake Geneva region.  I'll be visiting Mt. Santis, and the folkloric village of Appenzell , the textile center of St. Gallen and lovely Lausanne. But what I'm really stirred up about is attending the Fete des Vignerons. Never heard of it you say?  That's because this viticultural celebration of the regions wine making traditions happens only once in a generation. There's even a rule that it can not  take place more than five times in a century! It's the first living Swiss tradition recognized by UNESCO and I'll witness a performance commemorating the history of winegrowers as well as the coronation of the winegrowers. Of course, I might also sample a bottle of wine or two. Please look out for posts, photos and videos!